Cowboy Away (In The Reins Equestrian Romance Series, book 2) ~ Carly Kade

“Cowboy McKennon Kelly's haunting past was a well-kept secret around the Green Briar stables, despite how hard newcomer cowgirl Devon tried to get to know him. As much as he wants to let go of his ghosts and learn to love this woman waiting for him, the grip his demon has on him is holding him hostage. If McKennon is going to move on with his life (and with Devon), he has a score to settle with death. 

But does he really want to move on? Can he? Does he deserve any happiness after what he did? Lost in a world of self-blame, McKennon struggles to cope with the relationships of his past, but accepts he must face some of them in the present in order to create a future. Cowboy Away, the highly anticipated sequel to In the Reins, an EQUUS Film Festival Literary Award winner for Best Western Fiction and two-time Feathered Quill Book Award recipient, journeys through McKennon's dark and tortuous past. A cowboy on a quest for revenge, McKennon hits the road with nothing but his memories, a pistol and hope to put his demon to rest.” ~Amazon description

Brittney Joy’s Review ~ Many of the horse books I read are categorized as young adult (and that’s the genre I write) and I haven’t run across many equestrian series that are written for adults AND also truly dive into the horse world. Carly Kade is a lifelong equestrian who rides and shows her beautiful paint mare (if you doubt me, checkout her pics on Carly’s website — will link below) in western pleasure. She also features western pleasure and breed shows (quarter horse & paint) in her series and I appreciate this setting! I grew-up showing in pleasure events and it’s fun to be back in that environment for a love story.

This is the second book in Carly Kade’s equestrian romance series and this book hurdles into McKennon’s story. In the first book (In The Reins), the reader meets Devon & McKennon and follows them through the ups and downs of a budding relationship. In the second book, the reader discovers the secrets of McKennon’s past… and the ghosts that still haunt him today. At first I wasn’t sure what to think of McKennon’s story, mainly because I was rooting for him and Devon to grow their relationship and book two actually goes back in time to Ken’s first marriage. And, if you’ve read the first book, you know that his first marriage doesn’t end well. However, I was surprised to find myself quickly getting wrapped up in McKennon & Madison’s love story. It’s happy and also very sad, but I found myself rooting for them as a couple even though I already knew how their relationship ended. And, Kade doesn’t leave us hanging concerning Devon. Devon’s point of view is also noted in book 2. Without giving away any spoilers, I’m hoping book 3 finally puts McKennon & Devon together. I want to see their love bloom as they navigate training & shows together! And, seriously, if McKennon hasn’t fully learned his lesson and starts to treat Devon right, I’m going to slap that cowboy myself. ;)

Also, I started reading book 2 as a paperback, but I’ve been spending so much time writing lately that I haven’t had the time to sit down (more) to read. So, I’ve been “reading” almost exclusively via audiobooks. I listened to about 3/4 of Cowboy Away on audiobook and I HIGHLY recommend it! If you are an audiobook fan, you know that a narrator can make or break a book and this narrator was fantastic! Her voice drew me even deeper into the story — it’s smooth and dramatic and wonderful. I’d love to listen to more books by narrator, Amanda Lamb. :)

Carly Kade’s website (so you can see her pretty mare for yourself & checkout more info on her books!)