OverRuled (The OverRuled Series, book 1)

Two Girls. One Kingdom. No way out.

First book in new YA high fantasy series - enjoyed by fans of Throne of Glass & Three Dark Crowns.


Princess. Royal. Prisoner.  Jade is the heir to the throne, but her mother, the Queen, isn’t willing to give up her title— ever. Queen Katrina doesn’t see her daughter as her legacy, but as a threat that has to be stopped. Jade has never left the palace, and is trapped inside its boundaries… but she wonders if the walls are meant to keep her safe, or keep her imprisoned.

Peasant. Pauper. Savior. Nova left the Kingdom of Sterling before she could crawl— now that she’s returned with her father to rescue her orphaned cousin, it’s nothing short of a nightmare. Magic is used to control the people, and the monarchy is a dictatorship. Within the kingdom, Nova is hunted for a power she doesn’t even know she has… yet.

One boy will intertwine their lives— or tear them apart. Chael is the secretive and handsome royal guard that might have the answers to save both girls, but he’s hiding something dark. An ally with questionable motives, both Nova and Jade have no choice but to trust Chael… and to fall for him.

But the lengths the Queen will employ to secure her crown are unforgivable. In the Kingdom of Sterling, the only thing more powerful than betrayal is magic. 

OverRun (The OverRuled Series, book 2)


Magic has consequences— and the sacrifices it requires are devastating.

Jade is now the Queen of Sterling, but ruling the kingdom has proven harder than she ever imagined. The decisions she must make are gut-wrenching and painful, and the man she loves has chosen another. Jade is certain she can get him back… if she risks her crown.

Nova’s only hope for reuniting with her family is in Chael— the royal guard she doesn’t trust, but that somehow, has become devoted to her. Chael has promised to lead her through the dangerous country of Fractus to find her family, despite the realm being torn apart by threats and hidden secrets.

War is brewing, and the two girls are connected by a mysterious past neither knows anything about. Both Jade and Nova will be brought together again… and the reveal will destroy them both.

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