Cowgirl Lessons ~ Rae Rankin (age range: 2-6 yrs)

"For every kid who loves horses. Cowgirl Lessons is a charming story of a girl gathering her gear to head out to the farm and take her weekly riding lesson. From her exasperated mother digging her lost boot from her laundry mound to driving to the barn to see the horse she loves, this story paints the picture of one girls devotion to horses. Cowgirl Lessons is inspired by a real girl, Duchess the horse, and all the little girls who took their first riding lessons on the sweetest horse ever." ~Amazon Description

Brittney Joy's Review ~ If you are looking for an adorable gift for a pony-crazy kiddo, look no further! I bought Cowgirl Lessons for my four year old niece for Christmas and I can't even wait to read it to her. The story is super sweet and the illustrations are cute-as-can-be. Any little girl that is learning to ride or is dreaming of her own pony, will be ecstatic to read this book ... over and over and over again!  

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