In The Reins ~ Carly Kade

"Cowboy McKennon Kelly was the last thing Devon Brooke wanted to focus on after finding herself suddenly single. Looking for a fresh start to life, city girl and journalist Devon just wanted to go back to her country roots and focus on building a relationship with her newly acquired equine partner, Faith. 

Devon finds companionship in handsome bull riding ranch hand JD and delicate Green Briar horse farm owner Sophia, both who advise Devon to keep her distance from McKennon and "mind her p's and q's" around the quiet and eerily peaceful stables. Devon thinks it shouldn't be too difficult to avoid the Adonis cowboy, but after noticing his skills and expert ways with training horses, she figures it couldn't hurt to get to know him a little bit ... right? 

Devon follows the guarded cowboy to a horse show, where she is unprepared to learn she may not be the cowgirl she thought she was. After a near-tragic incident, Devon begins to realize that the more time she spends with McKennon, the less she really knows about him (or horses, for that matter), and his mystery just keeps getting bigger. Who is he really, what is it that everyone doesn't want her to know, and why is this tight-shirted, spur-jingling, weather-eyed cowboy all she can think about now?" ~Amazon Description

Brittney Joy's Review ~  Spurs be jinglin' with this one! In this story, the main character, Devon, goes back to her horsie-roots after a bad breakup. She buys a horse she's in love with but not quite ready for -- which makes for some cringe-worthy situations and a few deep ego-bruises. But, it also made me root for Devon. I wanted to see her succeed, to learn, to grow. And through her experiences with her new horse, she learns more about herself - as a rider and as a person. 

I also greatly enjoyed the western world of this book. There aren't many western horse books on the market so I was excited to get lost in a world filled with two hunky cowboys, a sassy (but naive) cowgirl, boots, buckles, horse shows, country bars, and lots of flirting, banter, and swooning. And, I've actually never read a book that specifically revolved around western pleasure. I grew up showing this discipline so it was fun to read about those specific references ... Quarter Horse Congress even plays into this story! 

I'd suggest adding In the Reins to your beach bag or throwing it in your trailer to read and unwind after a long day at a horse show! I spent a few evenings on my deck, wrapped up in these characters, and sipping on a glass (or two) of wine. :)