To Tame a Wild Heart ~ L.B. Shire

"Chancy Mallory is loyal to three things in her life: her horse Bowie, her parents and the Mallory Ranch.

Chancy is set on capturing a wild mustang colt to prove her worth to her father who believes the Mallory legacy died when he buried his three sons. When Nick Stone appears at the ranch, Chancy can't fight the waves of change. She fears her father's attentions are slipping out of her reach. And while before she thought only of horses and the ranch, her thoughts are now drifting to boys and kisses. Sweet kisses with Nick that is. Except he's her rival, or is he?"  ~Amazon Description

Brittney Joy's Review ~ Fantastic story of a young romance with a cowboy...and a mustang! This sweet story takes place on an eastern Oregon cattle ranch in the late 1800s. Now, stories of this time period are not usually my thing, but I was hooked  in the first few pages! The romantic suspense, ranch-talk, & the story of the mustang herd kept me turning pages and I blew through this book in a few days! Perfect summer read and I'm looking forward to the sequel! Curious to see where the story continues with Chancy...and Nick...and Snowbar... :)