Pony Club Rivals ~ Stacy Gregg


"Competition is fierce at the All-Stars Academy – can the new girl outshine her rivals? The Blainford ‘All-Stars’ Academy is the most elite horse riding school ever and it’s auditions time for next year’s new students! The hopefuls must battle for a place against the most talented riders from around the world. Friendships are quickly made, but with rivalries hotting up inside AND outside the arena, who will stay focused and outshine the competition?"  ~Amazon Description

Brittney Joy's Review ~ Seriously ... I'm obsessed with Pony Club Rivals! I stumbled across Stacy Gregg's Pony Club Rivals Series while searching for young adult horse books on Amazon and downloaded the first book in the series -- The Auditions. OMG...I couldn't stop reading! I devoured this book!

There is not one slow point in this story. The twists and turns and action kept me wanting more! Not to mention, the characters made me tear-up and crack-up. I was enamored by the horse world that Stacy created and sucked in by the high speed and action of the competitions. 

She also had me giggling at the horsie-stereotypes worked into this story. Spot on!

No matter what your age, if you love horses you need to put this book on your read-list! I have already downloaded the second book in Stacy Gregg's Series-- Showjumpers, Pony Club Rivals Book #2. And, I cannot wait to jump into Georgie's new adventure! 



"Georgie has secured her place at Blainford Academy for now, but knowing who to trust is tough when you’re all competing against each other. Some new-found friendships might already be close to breaking point as competition heats up in the showjumping arena. Is cute boy James about to become an ally or is his scheming sister Kennedy going to wreck Georgie’s dreams? And can she really trust her rivals? Find out in the exciting second term!" ~Amazon Description

Brittney Joy's Review ~ After finishing "The Auditions," I immediately downloaded the second book in the Pony Club Rivals Series ~ Showjumpers! Again, I loved it!! Stacy Gregg's characters have a witty sense of humor which keeps me reading and giggling. The second book is full of more adventure, twists, and general horse-wonderfulness! I'm looking forward to the third and fourth books ... this series would make a great gift-set for the horse-crazy tween!