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OverRun ~ Available on Amazon April 9th!

Magic has consequences— and the sacrifices it requires are devastating.

Jade is now the Queen of Sterling, but ruling the kingdom has proven harder than she ever imagined. The decisions she must make are gut-wrenching and painful, and the man she loves has chosen another. Jade is certain she can get him back… if she risks her crown.

Nova’s only hope for reuniting with her family is in Chael— the royal guard she doesn’t trust, but that somehow, has become devoted to her. Chael has promised to lead her through the dangerous country of Fractus to find her family, despite the realm being torn apart by threats and hidden secrets.

War is brewing, and the two girls are connected by a mysterious past neither knows anything about. Both Jade and Nova will be brought together again… and the reveal will destroy them both.

Perfect for fans of Leigh Bargudo and Sarah J. Maas!

A young adult epic fantasy with a love-triangle, harsh betrayal, and several twists you’ll never see coming! A magical and delightful sword and sorcery adventure!


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