Cut & Run ~ Amy Elizabeth

"Raised in the crime-ridden neighborhood of South Boston, Rebecca Sheehan has learned the hard way that people can't be trusted. So when her unscrupulous boyfriend turns up without a pulse, she knows she needs to get out of Southie. Fast.

She seeks refuge in the last place anyone would think to look for her–the picturesque town of Jackson, Wyoming. The locals in this small community live by a different set of standards, as Rebecca discovers when she finds work on a horse ranch. For once in her life, she’s surrounded by genuine, respectable people–with one exception. Her arrogant new boss, Alec Westin, appears hell-bent on making her employment term as short as possible. With his self-righteous attitude, she’d gladly grant him his wish, if she wasn’t so desperate for the job–and if he wasn’t so easy on the eyes.

But after a chance encounter with his quadriplegic father, Rebecca learns the truth behind Alec’s callous façade. Suddenly he is no longer a tyrant, but a diligent man risking his entire livelihood to provide for his family. Moved by Alec's fortitude and his father's warmth, Rebecca finds herself increasingly drawn into their personal affairs–and to Alec. Just when she starts to lower her guard, however, she discovers that her past is catching up with her. A series of sinister threats confirms her greatest fear–she's being hunted. It's only a matter of time before her stalker finds her. And when he does, she’ll discover just how much her new friends are willing to risk–and sacrifice–to protect her."
  ~GoodReads Description

Brittney Joy's Review ~ There was so much I enjoyed about this book...the well-developed characters that pulled at my heart-strings, the beautifully described backdrop of a Wyoming ranch, a mystery that made me read so fast I could barely comprehend the words, and a simmering romance that I wasn't certain would end in a love story. I picked this book up because it involved horses, but it was so much more than a horse-story. The author swept me away with her story of Rebecca and of Alec- with how she unraveled their past, their mistakes, and their choices.

The only reason I put down this 337 page book was because I was forced to - forced to go to work, cook dinner, correspond with anyone or fall asleep. This book is now in my top-ten of all-time favorite reads. And, I read a sample of the sequel and I literally gasped. I can't even wait to continue on with Rebecca and Alec's story. Beautiful work, Amy Elizabeth!