The Shadows Breathe ~ Kathleen Marentes

"Kara Springs has a knack for horse training and, at twenty years old, lands her dream job with the opportunity to train a magnificent horse that others couldn't. But when her beloved mentor suddenly leaves, and she confirms his replacement is abusing the horses in his care, her world takes a drastic turn.  When the abuse threatens to end the life of a beautiful mare, Kara steals her to save her. The result is an adventure that will test Kara's loyalty to the animals she loves, her courage in the face of danger, and her heart, when she must decide who it really belongs to."  ~Amazon Description

Brittney Joy's Review ~ When you sit down to read "The Shadows Breathe," know that you are sitting down to consume a ten course meal – not a burger off the dollar menu! This 602-page novel is a full-on horse saga that begins with Kara, the main character, at the age of eight and her first introduction to horses. The story then follows Kara as she develops into a knowledgeable horsewomen willing to (literally) take battle to defend her beloved equine.

This story was obviously written by a rider as the details of the barn, horses, riding, and training techniques are realistic and highlight both the good...and the truly ugly of the horse show industry.  Thankfully, Kara represents the "good" and I immediately related to her strong love of horses as well as her gentle approach to training them. I thoroughly enjoyed following Kara through her adventures and my favorite scenes included tons of riding and action - which is basically the last half of this book! Great summer read!